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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For Aug 1st

DSCN1309-1200Wilson’s is pleased to report good conditions and for the most part , good fishing . We had a major thunderstorm come down the river last evening giving us a little bump of water and the air temps were in the low teens. One thing for sure we have learned in 2015 is that humans really don’t have an accurate clue on what is going on with our salmon . 2014 was a bust and 2015 was back to normal ( not 1875 normal ) and in many cases anglers are reporting the best fishing in ten years . It is still my opinion that despite good intentions by DFO and the many conservation groups over the last fifty plus years that our salmon are still in trouble………..there needs to be a new approach . I hear there is a new approach in the works and I expect details to hit the news soon, so stay tuned . As long as DFO does not throw up a bureaucratic road block I think this new initiative just might be the saving grace of our sport .


  1. I have had a lot of dealings with dfo in the past in working on basegagetown traing area installing culverts and a few HADD projects and I am here to tell you that they sure don’t know it all. some of the dissions that they are making about the salmon rivers will tell you that. you people that have fishing outfitters should be screaming at the top of lungs to your MLA. where is bud bird and all the salmon federation people hiding at while another little economy of the mirimishi river systems go down the tubes. don’t sit on your hands people get after your politicians. excuse the spelling.

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