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Best night ever for Cains River Sea-run brook trout

Have you ever dreamed of fishing success beyond belief . At the age of 46 I have fished the Cains River for sea-run brook trout countless days and evenings without as much as a tug but I still loved every moment of it . June 4th was no different than many of these evenings , rainy and cold with not a sign of trout feeding . I fished through the first pool without success and was about ready to head back to camp when I decided to try one more fly in one more pool . I can’t reveal the name of the fly but it was not your typical trout pattern , the fish were on the bottom .That is when I hit the jackpot , within two hours I hooked and landed 10 huge trophy size sea-run brook trout . The largest weighing app. 5 pounds . The trout at this time of year are the best of the best , fresh from salt water and full of life . The Miramichi is also reporting good trout fishing over the past few days . The next two weeks should be great .


  1. Geoff Giffin says

    Man’o’man… NOW I’m really pumped for our trip to the Cains this coming weekend!!! Gotta wonder what the secret pattern was! I’ve got a few ideas.

    Thanks for the posting, Keith. Love checking your site for updates.

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