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Wilson’s call to action…….just sayn’

What if someone launched a class action lawsuit against the Department of Fisheries and Oceans? Is it not obvious that DFO has completely mismanaged our Atlantic salmon resource? Why have fly fishermen always taken the cut backs and blame for declining salmon stocks when the issue has never been in our pristine rivers. How many trout & salmon anglers ( over 34,000 in NB ), plus guides , outfitters, cooks, servers and camp caretakers would be willing to donate to the cause? $10.00 per person could get the ball rolling! Just sayn’, someone should be held accountable.


  1. I just sent this to about 450 Salmon Anglers here in Nova Scotia. Perhaps it is time we hold DFO’s feet to the fire for the way they have not managed our salmon. My e-mail read:
    Perhaps Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland Labrador and Quebec salmon anglers could join forces with New Brunswick on this…….just sayn’.
    One voice in the wilderness will not be heard but many voices will.

    Larry Shortt
    Nova Scotia Salmon Association

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