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WIlson’s Miramichi River Report June 17th

Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River near Wilson’s for June 17th . This picture shows a salmon from June 2008 , this is what you can expect this week on the Miramichi if you put your time in . The water is perfect and there are reports of fresh fish on the move . It does not appear to be a big run just yet but for a couple of my neighbors yesterday they have no complaints , BW landed two beauties in the 16 – 20 pound range and SM hooked into four grilse but lost them all . I for one will be on the Miramichi this weekend with a full box of green machines . After fishing for the last four weeks with a five weight I am tempted to keep on but these fresh-run 15 pounders are not to be taken lightly , they will wreak havoc on a trout rod .

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