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Wilson’s Cains River Report for June 19th

After a big raise of water last weekend conditions on the Cains this week appear to be almost perfect . I fished the Upper Cains on Wed night and Thursday am with very poor results . I walked from Lower Ledge to Wildcat , unfortunately in the hot sun , but even at Birch Landing around 8 pm with the sun off the water and no wind , I did not see a single fish . I also fished a few secret pockets with nothing . Karl managed to land three decent trout at Wildcat right at dark but not many fish showing . Could be because of the hot weather that day but I suspect that the raise of water probably moved a lot of the trout out of the holding pools into better feeding areas , which gives them a much needed break for sure .


  1. Mac MacFarlane says

    Hi Keith, A group of us sailed the Cains lower Crown Reserve stretch on Friday the 19th and had good fishing with a few bright trout but not a lot apparent. Lots landed and released in the 12 inch range but nothing over 16 inches landed. I raised one monster three times in a pool below your camp at Leighton(that will remain nameless because he may still be there!)but like most big trout that day he seemed more interested in playing with me than taking the fly.Fishing below rte 123 was fair on Saturday and Sunday but the rain was keeping the trout well fed and us thoroughly wet. Water came up about six inches by Sunday morning. Saw two bears on the trip, one just below your camp. As always it is still a joy to canoe the Cains!
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