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Cains River needs more young people

It is most encouraging to see younger anglers like Andrew , and others I have seen but not met , on the Cains who have an obvious love and respect for the resource . They appear to be taking a serious approach at doing things right . I also saw two anglers a couple nights before this who had a landing net but were not using it properly . They played the fish way too long and then took the fish onto the shore for pictures , and worst of all tried to revive the fish in shallow , warm and oxygen free water only ankle deep . The guy’s did not mean any harm but obviously lacked experience . As stake holders of this beautiful Cains River we should lobby government to recognize that with the Cains Crown reserve becoming more and more popular it might be a good time to launch an agressive education campaign . Maybe a group could get money from the Wildlife conservation trust fund to pay for brochures , signs and most importantly “River Guardians ” ( not wardens , though we need more of them ) who’s job is to randomly show up at pools and camp sites to preach the good word and actually assist anglers who appear to be “doing it wrong ” . There is an organization already formed called the Cains River Enhancement Association , this group is inactive at the moment but is recognized as a “group” by the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee . I urge all anglers of the Cains River to get involved by contacting the MWMC to see how we can get the Cains River Enhancement Association going again . I am not interested in setting as president but would help out and be interested in hearing if there are others who would like to go to work for the Cains River . The MWMC is an official group that government listens to and they get things done .


  1. It was nice to meet you on Wednesday, Keith. We really appreciate the tips your friend had to offer us, and were in fact quite amazed at his skill and knowledge. We learned more in those 15 minutes than we could have taught ourselves in a year, I’m sure.

    More knowledge the better; I’m sure anyone would surely benefit from learning more about C&R, especially since more and more waters are being protected nowadays.

  2. Tom Benjamin says

    Hi Keith,

    I completely agree that an organization for the Cains anglers would be a great idea, with particular focus on education of proper C@R techniques and so on. Let me know if you get any interest from others. I know a few other people who’d like to take part.


  3. Keith
    I have heard from a very reliable sorce that the Cains will be open this year for the last two weeks of October,personaly I think it is great and that the fish will regulate themselves. As long as we use the resorce properly this should be good for everyone.

  4. Those two “inexperienced” young guys fishing the Cains in June were myself and a friend. I completely agree with you in that I played the fish too long. It was the biggest trout I’d ever caught and on a light trout rod. You forgot to mention your (or someone you were with) behaviour when we were attempting to land the fish I’d been dreaming about my whole life. We had trouble netting it because it was so huge, but never did we treat it badly, and I know this because I’ve been handling, studying how to, and releasing fish my whole life in new brunswick and all over the world. The “ankle-deep, oxygen deficient” water I was holding it in was in fact above my knees and flowing the same as the rest of the slow-water pool. I am very conscious about releasing fish in the right water (the trout was still full of life). So, the thing I see most wrong with the whole picture is someone from your party running down the shoreline RUDELY SWEARING, yes swearing, at us while we’re trying to release this fish unharmed and enjoy our suposedly secluded crown reserve waters. I was very, very disturbed and dissapointed and felt almost guilty to catch another trout (which I did and if you noticed, did not even take them out of the water because they were much easier to handle…but you didn’t mention those ones).
    Despite all this, I am happy to see people who really care about this river and other rivers in New Brunswick, as I do. I consider myself and my friends to respect the rivers at the highest level and believe we are among the best in the young generation to conserve the resource in the future and protect the rivers that I know we love.

    Nathan Wilbur

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