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Another good raise of water for Miramichi

How good can it get , there is a big fresh run of salmon and grilse and another good raise of water that should keep them moving along . The high water of course hurts the Blackville area pools but in McNamee with all the islands and small pools and further upstream with the large boulders and steep elevation , it is exactly what we wish for coming into July . The water came up app. 10 inches overnight and very little dirt . The long range forecast is cool temps and more light showers mid week so as the river drops slowly we should have another great week . There appears to be more large ( MSW ) salmon than usual for July so we are thinking that this run is actually the mid June run , just a little late . We landed three big salmon this week in the 15 pound range and a good number of grilse . These fish are the “best of the best” coming in fresh from the sea and full of energy . The best fly to date is the Green machine with white calf tail . The calf tail seems to work better than a deer hair tail and the main body tied fairley slim. We are useing standard length leaders on floating lines . These moving fish seem to take best on a short swing and in water between 2 to 3.5 feet . Our best luck so far has been just above the main lie of the pool where the water shallows up considerably with a nice little pocket , providing a good resting area after their swim through the heavier water . The fish are not holding up much so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything for an hour or so , they will show up . If you are still having trouble getting into one of these many fish that are running then maybe it is time to book a proffesional guide at Wilson’s and fish one of our sixteen world class salmon pools . A good guide can make a huge difference to your success , especially when you go to a proven pool that has not been overfished . Stepping into a good pool that has been rested for 24 hours , or more , makes catching these fresh run salmon almost too easy .

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