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Wilson’s Sea-Run Brook trout report

Hi Chris-
Good to hear from you . I agree , not that great of fishing with all this high water but sure is helpful for the trout . I had a few really good days on the Cains then the water came up and moved the trout around , great . It seems like there are fewer trout this year but hard to tell really with the high water .
I am considering launching a petition to lobby the government to declare the entire Cains River catch and release until at least July 1st while the migration is on , then maybe allow killing of a few small trout from RT 123 bridge downstream after July 1st . Late May till July is the crucial period for these big trout coming in .
I am not sure about other parts of the Main S.W. Miramichi but for the McNamee area it seems almost impossible to hook into the big Sea-run trout here while they are heading up your way but maybe your headwaters area should be hook & release too until a later date .
Give me a call sometime when you are on your way to your camp , I would like for you to stop in and fish one or two of our pools on your way by .

Regards, Keith

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From: Chris Leger
To: Keith Wilson ;
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 8:29 PM
Subject: A couple June/2009 Sea-Run Brook Trout

Hi Keith,

This is Chris Leger from the Dieppe Fly tying Club emailing a few pics of some “Big Boys” landed in the last couple weeks using a 7 1/2 foot 5 weight rod. Many anglers have had a hard time this year to find these elusive fish this year and for the catch and keepers, I’m very thankfull for that. These fish are a treasure to New-Brunswick’s rivers and streams and should be given the same respect we give to the Atlantic Salmon. These fish were all caught using barbless hooks, all in different pools and released quickly.

Tight lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris L


  1. Sean Sparks says:

    Hello, I don’t usually write comments on any of these boards but I did want to voice my support of your idea for a petition to lobby the goverment to declare the whole Cains river hook and release only until July 1st. As a young boy my grandfather used to tell me of his fishing trips to the Cains in the 30’s and 40’s and of the great speckled trout that were in the Cains river. Of course this was long before Lee Wulff and his ideas of conservation and like most of that era, they kept all they caught. Since the river has been reopened I have always wanted to come up to fish these waters and over the last couple of years have had the chance to do so. It is a truely unbelievable resource! I have so enjoyed the opportunity to catch many of these big fish with both friends and family. I hope you do continue with your plans to launch a petition for hook and release and wish you all the best. Thanks, Sean.

  2. Travis Quigley says:

    Sean, I could not agree more with you’re comments! There is a lot of pressure on the fish as it is with the current crown reserve setup. I can’t quite seem to understand the need to keep a large spawner just to show friends (cameras work just great). I have two young children and I hope to share this special resource with them in the future. Watching someone hook, land and then release these wonderful sea-run trout is truly something special.

    Hooking a large sea-run on a tiny dry is an adrenaline rush, landing one gently is a feeling of accomplishment, and releasing it is the THRILL of knowing someone else will have the same opportunity.

    I’d say close the catch and keep down until July 1st at a minimum, I’d support this.

  3. Danny Arnett says:

    The Cain’s has been my favorite place to fish to date. Absolutely stunning river to fish. I think a catch and release policy would be a great idea to help the populations. Whether its until July 1 or the entire season, I’d support either.


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