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Wilson’s Private Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Pools

The Miramichi River system has an average annual spawning run of approximately 50,000 Atlantic salmon making it the most prolific Salmon River in all of North America . Among its many branches, the Main Southwest Miramichi enjoys an international reputation as the epicenter of this sport in the province of New Brunswick.

This reputation has continued to create demand for Atlantic salmon ” camps ” and “water” whenever it has become available with the transfer of ownership often occurring before even reaching the public market because of the pent up demand. In almost all cases when these properties are offered for sale they typically involve one or two pools which really doesn’t offer enough water to fully enjoy Atlantic salmon angling at its fullest potential. In many instances, Atlantic salmon water is leased from the Province for a 10- year period (the most recent lease auction being held in January 2003) so riparian ownership is not included. In many cases the seller simply offers the “camp” and a pool or two that may, or may not, be adjacent to Crown water, which is essentially public water available to anyone.

A critical factor in the valuation of any angling property along the Miramichi system is the ownership of the riverbed and the exclusive rights of angling inherent in that ownership. The ownership of such angling rights are referred to as riparian rights and include the foreshore area, or riparian strip to which is attached the bed of the river to the center thread along with any related angling rights contained therein. This riparian strip varies in width, but it commonly comprises about 66 feet from the water’s edge during normal summer water levels, which is enough to control access to fishable water.

This section contains a brief description of each productive pool in the Wilson ‘s angling system. The measurements are approximate by way of the Provincial New Brunswick maps. The description is in reference to “bright” salmon fishing. The “spring” (black salmon) season is more difficult to assess by pool due to there being more fishing opportunity in high water with the fish being spread out along the shoreline. Because of this, the 26,000 linear feet of river frontage that is owned by Wilson ‘s is a definite advantage during the spring salmon-angling season.

Convenient pool access is guaranteed by a number of deeded right-of-ways from the grantors of certain parcels (pools) and via long-term lease from the Province of New Brunswick on the NB Trail system. In addition to the right-of-ways and the government access license there are several public access points to the river that can be convenient canoe/boat entry points. The NB Trail system runs through the property and along the river adjacent to the entire length of Wilson ‘s angling operation.

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