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Update to Wilson’s Sept 18th Report

We are not sure if this is the turn-around we have been waiting for or not but last night at Cold Water pool Dawson and Manuel got into them good , hooking five between the two rods , one of which was app. 16 lb. The only thing different about the evening is that the fish were all up tight to the bar instead of down in the slow water , which could mean that they are beginning to move , finally .


  1. steve benteau says:

    Hi Keith:
    Were any of the fish bright and have you heard of any brights in the river yet?

  2. Hi STeve-
    The fish were all dark , but the guide did see a couple bright looking grilse jumping . Does not look like the “fall run” is in the McNamee area yet , could be any day though . The same two guys had a good morning today , one bright salmon in the 16 pound range and another dark fish . Not bad considering the conditions

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