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Wilson’s Miramichi Report May 4th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on May 4th . The river is still higher than normal and is very cold at 39 F but it is clearing up very nicely . Most anglers are getting into a few fish but the best fishing is still yet to come . We are picking up grilse in the pocket water but most of the 30 – 37 inch salmon are coming off the heavy water edges . Some of our best “large salmon” type water is still out of service with the high water . Our best method yesterday was casting a long line into the heavy water then stripping off several yards as it swings , which puts the fly down deep at the end of the swing , then slowly retrieve . When a 36 inch salmon takes on the swing in the heavy water , you really know you have something on . Trolling with a boat is totally non- effective in this area of the river .

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