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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report June 15th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on June 15th. The Miramichi River is in superb condition , the water is still above normal and temperatures remain cool . The weather forecast for the next five days is ideal , rainy and cool . There are some real beauties being landed in the 10- 18 pound range and even a few grilse are showing up . It is still early for the grilse run but on this good water maybe the “early run ” will much better than in previous years . Reports from up north are most encouraging as well , most rivers have their fish “on time” this year .
Please note: local NB residents fishing the Cains Reserve waters , please for the sake of these precious few big trout , do not over-fish pools like Wildcat . This pool is easy to get to and easy to fish with good results, therefore many anglers are fishing only this one pool , but as a result the pool is getting too much pressure . Unlike Atlantic Salmon , these trout continue to feed while in the river so there is a real risk of hurting the fish . I landed a 2 pound trout last summer that had a large field mouse in his throat with the tail hanging from his mouth , there was no room for anything else in there but he still took my big bomber . There are many more good pools on both the upper and lower section that offer excellent fishing , you won’t be dissapointed if you put a little more effort into getting to these other pools . My father landed his biggest trout ever ( 6 pounds ) at a pool between Wildcat and O’Donnell’s .


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