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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report June 27th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on June 27th . Pete Humprey’s , spey casting instructor and student / fishing partner Sean Collins show off with pride their success of the morning . Note how thick these early-run Atlantics are , they are the best of the best , fresh from the ocean and full of fighting power . The water at McNamee is ideal for most of our pools , again this is the advantage on this area of the river , we produce fish in most water conditions .


  1. Richard Losier says:

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me where all of the sea trout are this year.
    I’m only fishing with a lure this year and there aren’t many places to use that approach.
    I’ve been fishing the Bartibog and have had absoutely NO bites at all…
    Any help here would be great!

  2. Hi Richard-
    Thanks for your question . Interesting to hear that , in McNamee we usually get into the sea-run trout while they are on their way to the headwaters , they go through here for a week or so then gone , but the local trout that stay here for the summer tend to seek refuge in the cold water bogans once the main river warms up , could be what is going on there . As a point of interest I spoke with a guy this spring that used spin tackle exclusively till he went fishing one time in his favorite spot with a guy that had a tiny 6 foot / 3 wt. fly rod and the guy with the fly rod out fished the spin guy hands down . Not sure if it will work for you but might be worth trying . Many times the trout get scared of the big lure , which is un natural looking in their space , and they go for the more natural looking tiny little trout fly that is tied to match the real bug that is hatching at the time . Give it a try I think you will be surprised . Good luck, Keith

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