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Giant Atlantic Salmon Still Around

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The Domesday Book Of Giant Atlantic Salmon is a book written by Fred Buller . from his book —- “Fred Buller has spent four decades pursuing storiesof Atlantic salmon ( salmo salar ) weighing 50lb. and more- sometimes a great deal more . He has produced here a classic of angling history which will entertain and delight anyone who has fished for the world’s most sporting of fish , and many who have not . The book includes every salmon weighing 50lb or more , so far as Buller has been able to discover , that has ever been caught on a fly . They are drawn from great and small rivers in Scotland. America , Canada , Ireland , Norway and Sweden. ”
It is encouraging to hear news of salmon in the 50 pound range being taken just this year . I may be mistaken but from what was reported to me Molly Fitzgerald landed a 52lb salmon in Norway this past June or July . Even here on the Miramichi we have seen many salmon this summer in the 30 pound range and it was reported that at the Juniper barrier pool there was a salmon measured over 52 inches , which would surely be over 40 lb.

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