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Big Water On the Cains


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For those of you who are familiar with Wildcat Pool on the Cains River check this out . This picture was taken from the shoreline looking upriver to the Island Pool . Last week I was staying at the camp there when the heavens opened wide with heavy rain and wind for 20 hours , resulting in the biggest raise of water I have ever witnessed on the Cains . The heavy wind knocked down some huge trees into the river , some of which looked like they could not fit around the sharp turn below the camp, sorry no pics . But if you look closely you can see a huge tree lodged onto the Island where the upper pool is , as of yesterday with the water down the tree is still there , which will make fishing next summer in that pool very interesting . The bright side is that it will be good for the fish by providing shelter and a good food supply dropping off the dead limbs .


  1. Geoff Giffin says

    Unbelievable. How many feet do you think the river came up in order to put it that far into the grass?! Any thoughts on how this might affect, negatively or positively, the spawning of the salmon given the timing of this flood?

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