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What we have been waiting for, rain and cool temps.

This is just what we have been waiting for, plenty of rain and cool temps combined
with a big run of fish. The water is still 8- 10 inches above normal, which is tough on many pools along the Miramichi but at Wilson’s we are lucky to have enough variety of water that our guest’s are enjoying good fishing despite. Our professional guides are adapt at teaching you how to catch fish in all water conditions. Our guides don’t fish for you, they teach you to do it right. As the water warms up a bit, which slows the migration down, and the river drops off to a normal summer level, anglers at Wilson’s will defiantly have the advantage. We have 16 private pools along a 5 mile stretch and most of these pools produce fish daily. Fly of the week was a # 4 Green Machine with white calf tail.

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