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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For May 17th

Atlantic salmon and Sea-run brook trout fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi at McNamee for May 17th.The “big boy’s” seem to be here . Not many just yet but anyone that will put the time in will be rewarded . The conditions are ideal, warm temps today and water height perfect . Should be a good hatch on tonight . The picture shown here is of a big sea-run trout I had to kill last year due to heavy bleeding . These big trophy fish are too valuable to kill , please release all your trout and salmon this season which is a proven no brainer if we want to have fish for the future .


  1. Darryl Haley says

    We are considering a trip for 2 days for four people at the first of October. Could you advise on the costs for a cabin, guided fishing, and some equipment?



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