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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For May 30th

Atlantic salmon and sea-run brook trout fishing report for the Miramichi River at McNmaee for May 30th .
The water is still lower than normal for late May but can change quickly with a little rain . Good sea-run trout fishing reports for the McNamee area and one local guy lucked into a nice “rocky brook ” salmon this week too . I fished the Cains last night and I am pleased to report there is a good run of fresh trout on the crown open section . The daily crown reserve opens June 1st so we can expect good fishing up there by then too . The water is too low to float a canoe but I am sure the trout will have no trouble getting along .


  1. John Pomeroy says

    Hi Keith, I was just wondering where you mean by the “Crown open section.” Do you mean anywhere on the river that isn’t private or crown reserve? I thought the crown reserve section was closed to angling both before and after the season and that you could only get it through the daily draw. Just wondering.

    The Cains is my favourite river to fish, but I have mostly fished upriver near the Bantalor. I’ve only fished the Crown Reserve once. We had great luck there. Thanks for the great reports

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