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Wilson’s Total Ban on Wader Pics and Cleats

Pictured above is the latest and greatest product on the market to help anglers stay on their feet while fishing slippery conditions . Lucky for you , the Miramichi in the McNamee area is very easy to wade and very seldom slippery . As you can imagine this gear works great , BUT these boots tear the heck out of our cabin floors and canoes . Our beautiful 28 foot cedar strip canoes will not take this kind of abuse . These canoes are very expensive and we take great pride in keeping them in immaculate condition .
This gear will not be allowed at Wilson’s , we will be inspecting your footwear to make sure . Not to worry though folks , we have plenty of good quality Orvis felt sole waders on site that you are welcome to use .


  1. Keith – I have had the same problem at my camp. We have a gear room and people must leave them on the steps going in and put them on outdoors. There is truly no need for them in canoes, but if they are just being transported to other wading areas you can buy any length of rubberized indoor outdoor carpeting at a Lowes or Home Depot and just cover the whole bottom of the canoe with it. If it gets wet it dries right away. The carpet provides complete protection from the spikes and it is less slippery than wet felt on a varnished floor.

    I have prided myself on being a competent wader all my life, and never wore anything but felt soles. I used spiked wading shoes on a trip earlier this season, and they are so much safer than felt that I will want to use them for all of my Miramichi wading in the future. Brad Burns

  2. Dear Brad-
    Thanks for the comment . We tried the carpet idea but in the heat of the summer it causes a weird reaction under there and turns the canoe white . Considering the fact that this type of gear is not necessary on this stretch of river and is not welcome in our canoes or cabins, we will make certain that all guest’s have a viable option . Thanks again . Keith

  3. Jamie Metlin says

    Keith I agree those boots are made for wading depending on the conditions. To cover wood with carpet in the heat on a nice mid Aug. day with sand acting as an oven stove is not good. My suggestion is people entrust you with the skill of angling and wading is a apart of that experience having the so called best is not always correct! Kudos for making that stand.. not just for commercial purposes but in general it happens.all the best this season.JM

  4. I have a pair of Korkers wading boots with interchangible soles, this could be a solution to your problem. I use the studded felts while wading and the rubber soles the rest of the time. Hope this helps.

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