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Wilson’s and Orvis have the Solution to Studs

My recent report about the damaging effects of cleats, studs or pics on our canoes and flooring prompted some good feedback on the subject . Once again Orvis has come through with a solution to the problem and at the same time help reduce the spread of disease and evasive species into rivers and lakes . Orvis has developed a fantastic product where rubber-soled wadeing boots have studs that can be easily removed and reinstalled when needed . Wilson’s staff will have power tools on site to help you but we recommend that you also carry a simple nut driver for the job as well . The Orvis company has our rivers best interest at heart when reducing the number of felt sole boots in their line-up and Wilson’s support their efforts 100% . If you still wear felt sole waders please take the time to bleach them each time you visit a different river .

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