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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For June 21st

Atlantic salmon fly fishing conditions for the Miramichi River near McNamee for June 21st . We had a nice rain yesterday and the river is up app 4 inches this morning . We had a few anglers fishing through the weekend but the air temps very hot and the river warmed up . We had several fish on but very slow takes under these conditions . There seems to be a decent number of big salmon on the move and of course with the rise in water last night and cooler temps we are expecting good fishing this week . There are more showers called for over the next several days as well .


  1. ken jonah says


    I just came back from my home in Doaktown and fished every day for 2 weeks. Saw fish but none landed. I read your comments every time you write. Keith you always tell it the way it is,all fishermen tend to stretch the truth, and most outfitters are the same. I appreciate your factual and honest reporting.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ken Jonah
    Dipper Harbour. N.B.

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