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The “June Run ” Is On

The “June Run” Is On

I guess we can say the “June Run ” is officially on . Doug got into three fish two days ago then three more this morning , one of which was this beautiful 36 inch hen . Est. weight of 15 pounds . Typical of this time of year the salmon are coming through in little runs , so no fish maybe today but then this happens to you the next day . It surprised me to hear from Karl that it was not caught on a green machine but my second choice , a black bear green butt . We are getting rain today so likely a raise of water is coming so lets hope not too much .


  1. Renaut Benoit says

    As of today we got news from DFO that the July 2 date we had on the squirrel falls crown reserve was changed to hook and release only.We had to cancel our trip,and asked for a refund.
    Since the other 3 fishermens in my team were new in the sport,they bought the liscence ,waders,reels ect. for nothing.We all took vacation off work for the date we were suppose to fish.
    I don’t mind releasing a salmon,but all are not like me!

  2. e fitzherbert says

    well rb thats too bad , sevogal river not only river , I my self haven,t fished since the st john river was shut down . but decided this yr I was goin to fish again , a wonderful sport , went to dungarvon tues, and back home wed, hooked 4 fish , and brought home a nice grilse. great fishin.

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