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Time To Dig Out Your Bombers

The water is dropping slowly and the temperature is climbing just slightly and under these conditions Joe always recommends a bomber . Within twenty minutes there were four fish hooked and landed , and of course all were gently released . Pete said the bomber experience was some of the most exciting atlantic salmon action he ever had . With moving fish such as today they really nail it , unlike when they are settled in cold water pools later on when they sometimes take the drys very gently .


  1. Dear Keith and Bonnie,

    Thank you so much for a superb stay at Wilson’s camp. Joe, EJ, Stacy and wendy – A first class team with a 4* lodge. A wonderful experience as always.

    The fishing was excellent. I can honestly say the bomber fishing yesterday was life changing and a true highlight – from Norway to Scotland, nothing has compared to the thrill of seeing those fish come for the dead drifted bomber (thanks Joe!).

    All the very best to you all.

    With kindest regards and tight lines for the season,

    Pete H.


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