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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For July 24th

Finally , back to normal and fresh fish on the move . The water is dropping slowly , still app. 10 inches above normal , and the temperature is down in the low to mid sixties in the am and 71F tonight . We hooked fourteen fish today and landed eight , two of which were bright . We have a great raise of water , full moon this weekend and the high tide , along with cool temperatures for the next ten days , plus a bonus rain coming tonight and Sunday . This combination will set us up perfectly for next week . And for all of you that say each year ” call me if it is really good , I will make a reservation ” there is no excuse now , except of course for the usual … my aunt is visiting , grandkids birthday , car needs an oil change , the dog needs it’s toenails clipped or my poor old great great grandmother has a knot in her bowel, well too bad for you the fishing is fantastic right now .

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