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Feedback on the Park Idea

Keith, A great idea. And it should not be impossible. In the States both the Adirondack Park in NY and The National Seashore in MA show the way. Both enclosed much private land, homes and activity. Always contentious, and still is here in the Seashore where I live and work to preserve the good stuff, but both efforts ultimately successful. So congratulations from your US guest, a one time logger, 26 year Salmon fisher, and admirerer of your visionary imagination and writing skill.


  1. Charles Floyd says:

    I found site very helpful to monitor water levels, comments on fishing activity, fly selection, etc., this summer to schedule my days off for salmon fishing. It made my time on the river more productive. I am anxiously awaiting the effect of hurricane “Earl” on the water level as I have next week off for activities such as fishing, fishing and fishing. From the weather channel this morning I see that it is raining quite hard in northern NB. I’m anticipating a good rise in the river and the fish activity. I also have 2 friends in the local area who keep me informed on river conditioins. I think I will give Rick H. and Keith H. a call then start packing my gear for a Sunday evening departure for the Miramichi. Can’t wait!!!!

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