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August 29th Bomber Success

Hello Keith and Karl,

I just wanted to send you both a quick e-mail to thank you for allowing us the privilege of fishing your private pools. As I had mentioned to you yesterday, I started fly fishing 30 years ago at the age of 5 and my father has been fishing for over 55 years and this was our first time fishing private water. To say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves would be such an understatement! We sincerely enjoyed every minute that we spent on your water. In the afternoon, we fished O’Donnell’s for about 1.5 hours. Even though we didn’t see any fish, we enjoyed it immensely. We enjoyed the solitude of being in a pool on our own and we also had the opportunity to see a mother bear with her cub along the bank of the island. In the evening, we fished Dudley as you know… This was arguably the single best evening of fishing that I’ve ever had. Not because we both limited out, but because of the fact that we were fishing Wilson’s private waters. All my life I’ve been reading every book on fishing that I could get my hands on. From Wayne Curtis, to George Frederick Clarke, to Peter Clarke and the list goes on and on. In all these books, the fishing is almost exclusively done on the ever elusive private water, and here I was fishing at the most storied fishing operation on the Miramichi. I realize that this must sound funny for you guys since you were brought up on the river and in this system. However, for someone who’s never had the privilege to fish private water, it was truly a special evening. By the way, we did manage to catch 3 salmon last night which was an incredible bonus. Two of about 10 pounds and one of about 8 pounds.

Again, a very sincere thank you and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the season.

Best regards,

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