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Wilson’s Miramichi Fall Salmon Report

Our 2010 Fall Atlantic salmon season officially kicks off today . Hurricane Earl brought us the perfect raise of water of app. 6 inches in the McNamee area , air temps this morning at 55F and water in the low sixties . Looks like more rain this week and cool temps for at least the next 14 days . We have tons of summer salmon in all the big holding pools and DFO reports the estuary is full too . We assume that the estuary fish are the beginnings of the 2010 fall run . A raise of water like this at a time in the season like this should turn things on , we shall see .


  1. Hi, Keith.

    Is the water clear, as of yet? With the algae in the river and a good rise of water, I was thinking it might be churned up for a day or so.

    Rain was long overdue.

    Tight lines,


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