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Fishing was fantastic at Wilson’s on our opening day.

As expected the fishing was fantastic at Wilson’s on our opening day . A poll taken of ten boats on our five mile private stretch showed most anglers averageing 9 fish landed . The fish are in remarkable condition giving anglers a great show with many jumps and the usual long runs. Average length of MSW salmon so far is in the 30 inch range . The water conditions on the 15th was near perfect and a beautiful sunny day , but as fishing sometimes goes , rain overnite brought the river up and much dirtier . A north east wind and cold rain today, April 16th , sent most anglers to the warmth and comfort of their cabins to catch up on their talents with a card game or some much deserved sleep after a cold morning on the river . As most of us know , the success of a fishing trip is not necessarily based on just the numbers of salmon landed

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