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I paid the same amount as everybody else on the river, you do not own the river,you fish the river every day and .you pick the days you are being paid to fish. The ones trolling are the ones fishing on the weekends to find the fish then anchor and you say they are wrong? Plus ,soon the trolling will be done.Don’t say trolling is wrong when are on the river every day.Yes we troll but we stay away from other fisherman.And yes if someone did do as you say that is wrong ,but that is a bad apple in a huge pile.

Keith Wilson’s Reply
Dear Phil-
Thanks for your comments , in order to come to a resolution of what one group of people may feel is an issue it takes all different opions to settle it . I urge all your friends and fishing partners to post their feelings on the issue as well .

Respectfully yours,
Keith Wilson


  1. Keith,

    I probably couldn’t say it any better than I did in a previous post (

    I couldn’t disagree more with Phil’s arguments. I think it’s a shame that trolling is allowed in the Miramichi, and it is my hope that the regulations are changed so this loophole is closed.

    But the deeper issue we are facing is that decline in the in the “spirit” of Salmon fishing. And frankly, those people that feel it is their god given right to catch a fish through whatever means (no matter what disruption to others, or the fish themselves) will most likely never “get-it”. They will see people who try to argue for better regulation and etiquette as elitists.

    So – in short term – I hope people who are against trolling take a little effort and send an email the minister of Natural Resources. In the longer term, all we can do is help bring others – our sons, daughters, friends – into the sport with the right mindset.

  2. lloyd munn says:

    i believe that trolling is not the issue.its about common courtesy and respect for all fisher/men/women.the problem is that some people do not have the mentality to be able to be on the river and comprehend that its not only for leisure,it is also a way of we shouldnt use trolling or any other reason to discourage people from enjoying our beautiful miramichi wake up and have enough decency for all those who want to enjoy

  3. Trolling is not the issue. Not one bit. It’s about respect and common courtesy. Wether I cath a salmon by casting or trolling has nothing to do with someone cutting into somebody who is parked and cutting their line.

    I don’t even fish black salmon this time of year and I find this B.S about trolling being an issue very stupid. But I do troll down river in the tidal areas for trout and have no issues with it.

    Don’t worry in about a month you will have all your private water to yourself to fish.

    You want to complain to the government about something, then make up a stink about the frigging netting going on by natives where rivers are in trouble to meat spawning requirements.

  4. I think that Lloyd has made a good point, the common courtesy and respect is slowly depleting. The river should be something we all can enjoy, whether its canoeing, swimming or salmon fishing. However people have to realize it is a way of life , a way for many of us to make a living for our family. We need to protect our lively hood as much as we need to protect our amazing Atlantic Salmon. It is a problem for many anglers and guides and I think it should be STOPPED!! The fact of the matter is there is a loop hole in the system. Think about it folks, it is illegal to troll with your rod touching the boat, or in a fixed position. Are you not sitting in a boat holding your rod in a fixed position. In closing I also want to make a comment on Phils comment. I have been a Guide 1 for many years now, its my only means of income as well. We dont get to pick and choose what days we go fishing Phil. And we certainly don’t get to hook the fish and hand the rod off, as that is illegal to do as well. So like Tim said “take a little effort and send an email the minister of Natural Resources”. STOP THE TROLLING!!!!!

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