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Miramichi River Report April 23

Norris Wolff and guide Joe Stewart once again prove that casting to Atlantic salmon is the most productful method . Today Norris hooked twelve fish and landed ten , all on a cast with slow sink line and standard size spring fly . Joe took notice that he did not see any other anglers with fish on that were long- lining or trolling .


  1. Brad Burns says:

    Prohibiting trolling in fly only fisheries is quite common. Maine does this in on some of their fly fishing only trout ponds. I agree with some of the earlier comments that simply buying a license shouldn’t make anyone feel entitled to use any means possible to catch salmon. The traditional methods of casting a fly while wading or from an anchored boat allow anglers to fish without harming other people’s right to fish and to enjoy their fishing. The Miramichi is a large river this time of the year, but it is not a big lake or the ocean. Trollers often come too close for comfort, and make unwelcome noise.

  2. Norris D. Wolff says:

    Keith-this was one of those days when you wished you could save some of the takes for a when they shut down! The grilse and salmon were all over the river with grilse taking in the middile of the pool and then acting like salmon and going in to heavy water-all the fish looked healthy and strong and all the hook-ups were solid! Also, and eagle was in a tree a good part of the afternoon near little murphy-looking forward to returning! Norris

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