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Sea-run brook trout at Wilson’s

E-mail :
Hi Kieth I am just wondering what flies would be a good choice for trout this time of year for your area ?

Hi Jamie-
for now I use mostly wholly buggers, small streamers and always always my favorite and most successful fly , the green machine with white calf tail . If you tie then try the green machine with a long shank bomber hook tied slim and the tail a little longer , instead of calf tail tie it with white buck or polar bear tail . Tied slim on a larger hook should get the fly down a little better . Work the tail end of islands and side channels .
Good luck ,


  1. Joe Cairns says

    Hi Keith, certainly appreciate the fly tip; any chance you would have a picture of one of those green machines tied up? I guess I am wondering…do you have a regular sized body with the tail finishing up at the end of the hook or do you have a long skinny body with the tail starting in its typical location and ending up well beyond the hook?


  2. Chris Gaston says

    Interesting version of what I call “The Truth”. Been told all I fish is green machine with white tail. My reply is it catches fish….and thats the truth.

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