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Miramichi River Ice-run report April 16th

As you can see my prediction for a late ice-out was proved wrong . The water is still low but the ice moved out over a three or four day period without incident . The cold temps are keeping the run- off from snow melt to a minimum but we still have an average of app 3 feet of water laden snow everywhere , so when this begins to melt again we will see plenty of ice moving off the shores . This can be a very dangerous time for inexperienced guides or anglers to be on the river , as you can see some of this shore ice is 2 – 3 feet thick and can weigh several ton . The river banks are stacked high with heavy ice so boaters must be extremely careful until the river clears out . We are not fishing yet but I should have a report from the locals in a few days .


  1. Norris D. Wolff says

    Keith-hope all is well with you and your family.I rented a car and will be heading there April 3oth.I hope you can keep the locals off your pools so they don’t spoil the fishing for your sports.Regards.Norris

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