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June 10th Big Water Update

Well so much for a “nice” rise of water . A severe thunderstorm came down the valley last night resulting in close to a three foot raise and very dirty . That will mess up the fishing on both the Cains and Miramichi for a few days but anglers and guides never complain about any kind of a raise in mid June . For those who might brave the elements anyway should have a sink tip line and big flys , maybe even a few spring streamers . On the positive there are fresh-run salmon and big sea-run trout on the move so I guess maybe a day on the river in high water is still better than home mowing lawns or gardening in the black flies . Fishing in black flies is a completely different story .


  1. Brad Burns says:

    Keith – we got washed out down in Blackville this weekend just as you said, but Sunday morning found us down to somewhat fishable levels. We got a couple of nice hen grilse, another was caught by someone fishing just downriver from us, and we saw quite a few on the go along with some good salmon.

    A Newfoundlander posting on The Salmon Forum says that a biologist told him that seeing a good run in the early going is a very strong indicator of a good run for the season. If so this is shaping up to be a very great year for the SW Miramichi. Brad

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