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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For July 8th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River near McNamee for July 8th . Doug & EJ with another nice salmon . The water is still at the perfect height and with the nights cool it is still decent during the day . Tues and Wed was really hot so the water warmed up in the afternoon . I know many anglers like to take home a fresh-run grilse for the dinner table but please think about it for a minute just how many that could end up being if we killed every fish landed this summer . So please practice restraint and appreciate one of the reasons we are having good fishing this summer is because there has been people practicing live release since 1984 . Take a fish or two home for your family or friends but please consider the impact if all license holders filled their tags this year . And think for a moment if we did not kill a single fish anywhere this year , just how many would be spawning this fall and what the results of that would mean for the population .


  1. I agree 100% with what you have to say about about releasing fish. Now the Norwest is closed except for catch and release,do you really think that it is going to make a difference….considering the indians are responsible for 10 tons of adult salmon per year in their nets!!! Dont forget every hour of overtime I put in 1.5% goes to aboriginal funding! So I,m so glad if I do fish…cant take a grilse home,but when i go to work welding 50 hours a week…my tax dollars will pay for another net.

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