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Bob Bowser

Attached is a pic of a salmon hooked and landed by Bob Bowser. The photo shows Winston (a fishing buddy) who tailed and released Bob’s fish.


Hi Keith,
The good fishing has continued into August. I was able to release fish on the Renous, Cains, and the Main SW this week. Here is one of those.
Thanks Keith and continued great fishing for you!

Hi Keith,
A great 3 days on the Cains. Released 6. Here are a couple… You have my info and permission to use the pics.
Oh… by the way Keith some odd flies worked this week… Black Ghost Butterfly (a Norwest favorite) and the Green Butt Bear Hair Butterfly (my first time using this one)
All the best,

Hi Keith
Here is a pic for Hook and Release. Female Salmon caught in Blackville on a G.P.
Thanks Keith,

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