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Andrew MacPherson


Hello. My name is Andrew MacPherson. We actually met at Wildcat one evening about 5 years ago. We were sharing the upper stretch (I think you were with your son). We had a nice chat. I am a fan of your site, and became aware of your live release contest. I have had a great season thus far (releasing 4 large salmon and 8 grilse to date). This photograph is of me releasing a 15 pound salmon in Blackville on July 23rd (my only photograph this year!) Like many others, I appreciate your site, and the opportunity to be in this contest. I wish teachers could afford to see your water firsthand! The pools and accomodations look spectacular.

Here is another entry. August 1st was a real good 4 fish day for me. This is a very nice (17 minute fight) 15 pounder released on the Renous.
Andrew MacPherson

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