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Anglers Pay Attention , Important !!!

Anglers , please pay close attention to what Andrew has to say on this subject . We all have to do our part !

Norm is absolutely right and to add to the felt sole issue. I’m on the Restigouche system daily surveying juvenile salmon and as a precaution, we spray each and every time we investigate a new site even if that site is on the same system and only a mile or two away. We use regular dish soap mixed with water in a regular spray bottle at a ratio of 5% soap. When changing river systems completely we spray down with Wescodyne.(Miramichi not included in our surveys). Be sure to spray, not only your felt soles but any part of the wader that touched water. If you have more time, you can freeze your waders in a large freezer over night and that will also kill Didymo. Letting your waders dry for a few days is good as well but BEWARE that the felts take a long time to dry completely and it only takes one microscopic cell to begin to spread. Best to use the soap solution and drying together.

To me the biggest problem seems to be at put in locations for canoes ie. Crown reserves etc. That’s were the biggest concentrations of didymo seemed to be so make sure to check your boat over if you are heading for a different river system. Anchor ropes and weights are good carriers! Sounds crazy but, this has to be done to preserve the miramichi. Didymo in mass quantities can really affect your fishing. Dead and dying cells become dislodged and will float down river and gum up your line….Not alot of fun!!!

I’ve been providing detailed descriptions of Didymo’s presence to a Master’s student from Quebec for the last two years and there is still many unknowns in why when and how this stuff grows where it grows. At this point and I stress, this is all preliminary. Didymo may be related to Nutrient levels in the water, Light availability and to a lesser degree flow.

Hope this helps a bit

Oh yea Felt soles are the best for gripping the bottom of the river. Altough I would like to test the Studded ones on the common green algae that you see on the bottom. I find that stuff to be real tricky especially in fast water.


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