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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For Sept 24th

Everything is ideal, perfect height , perfect temperature and hundreds of fish . Every single pool is full of fish and the big ones are beginning to take as well . This is not a great picture but you can see the outline of this monster . Joe estimated over 30 lb. Rob was the lucky angler last night landing this big hen and two other smaller ones , all on the green machine with white calf tail . We are seeing hundreds of fish in the air but hooking up is proportionately off , even if only ten percent of the fish we see would take we would all limit out within an hour or so . Maybe with the change in weather coming our way we will have fewer jumpers and more takers .


  1. Dorothy Jackson says

    Hi Keith and Bonnie,
    I just talked to Dawson and he tells me you’re having an amazing year!!
    Dennis and I hope to get back fly fishing again soon…. we had such a great time at your camp. Say hi to everyone for us… especially Joe 🙂
    Will be in touch.
    All the best,
    Dorothy and Dennis Jackson

  2. Good Morning Keith: First off I have to commend you on your website, its so informative, and honestly GREATly APPRECIATED. I spent the week fishing on the Howard Road, Keenan Area at Hennessy’s. The number of fish that I had witnessed was unbelievable, and without a doubt the best fishing I have ever experienced. I can’t help but think that your living the Dream that I experienced Tuesday Wednesday Thursday of this past week, with the Fish everywhere in the run, at different points, I just laid back in my canoe chair, and watched the site, it was just beautiful. With all the fish I hooked, all were released, but being myself I took no pics, I plan on going up throughout the next three weeks till the season closes for yet another year, and have hopes that the river remains the same level, with a good rain on the Cain’s system, so a number of these fish can make up into the Cain’s, can only imagine the numbers that must be located in the Black Brook area. Hope you have continued Good Fishing, and again thank for maintaining your OUTSTANDING SITE. Tight Lines, Bob

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