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Nepisiquit River Monster Salmon

Hi Keith,

I wasn’t able to get out much this year, however, the times I did proved to be the best salmon fishing I’ve ever had and it turned out to be my personal best. I “limited out” almost everytime I went out. Before the season started, I had told my fishing buddies that I had yet to hook a “hookbill”. As much fishing as I had done in the past, I had landed some large females, but the large males always eluded me. Well, on October 14, 2011, my dream came true and landed the fish of a lifetime. This guy was hooked on the Nepisiguit River, just North of Bathurst. This river is not well known outside the local salmon aficionados, but man, what a river! I’m still in shell shock over this one, looks like it will take me all Winter to digest the whole ordeal as I relive it in my mind again and again…………

Tight lines

Chris Leger


  1. Great fish! In the Lost land of Moses – book about early fishing and huniting in New Brunswick – it is said that during the late 1800s Europeans came to the Nepisiguit every summer to fish for salmon. It was then considered to be the best salmon river in the Province.

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