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More On Unique Forest Areas

I realize that many people , including myself have some serious concern as to the general forest practices here in New Brunswick but my main point of my posting on March 19th was to try and draw attention to the obvious disregard for certain “Unique” situations . I would like to see unique situations such as the Cains River Crown Reserve road be allowed a generous buffer in order maintain the beauty and value of the site . In this particular case the road buffer could have been spared without any great lose to the logging operation . It appears that someone simply took out a map and drew a line without any consideration to the value of this access road . I am sure that no ranger or company tech would agree to cut this if they had taken a moment to simply drive through there first .


  1. Hap McCall says

    Joe took me through that area 3 years ago to fish the Cains and I was in awe of the old growth forest. I can’t understand what people are thinking. If this continues, the Miramichi will start to look like what we from the states come to Wilson’s to get AWAY from! Call me when it’s time to stand in front of the bulldozers… Such news brings to mind one of my favorite quotes by Voltaire: “Common sense is not so common”.

  2. Hap McCall says

    I meant to add to my previous comment is that it’s time for Keith’s idea to make the whole watershed and region a provincial or national park!

  3. Why are so many people on here scared to blame Irving. I see a few replies where people will use other means to point the finger at the company we all know is greedy and could care less about any buffer areas.


    Do you really think the rest of the forest operation you mentioned in your last post would be any good for the province? You mention to just make the buffer larger so it will keep that piece of land pristine. What about the rest of the rivers? What about the rest of the province??

    Are you an Irving supporter? Please don’t say so.

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