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Wilson’s Miramichi Report March 31

Wilson’s Miramichi River Ice-run report for March 31st . As you can see conditions are ideal , if we could fish today . I urge all readers to launch a campaign to once again have our angling season open with the ice run or at least on April 1st . For many years we began fishing when the ice moved and for very good reason we should be doing the same today . Especially now that our springs seem to be getting earlier and earlier . It is a shame that the river sits there idle when hundreds of anxious anglers sit on the banks waiting . I am all for this move even with a total live release law until May 1st . I have brought this subject up before and the main reason DFO gave was that it was a budget issue with hiring wardens early, but given the current situation with very few wardens and less and less money for such , it would actually help DFO by allowing law abiding citizens on the rivers early to keep an eye out . We all know that our presence on the rivers is a strong deterrent to poachers . Not to mention the thousands of dollars of revenue and taxes being missed .


  1. Charles Foster says

    Now that is a very interesting commentary. That would make it more difficult for a non-resident to time your arrival from the states, plan the to get the time off from work, and plan lodging, but maybe a petition to move the opener up a week might be more acceptable to DFO. How about April 7th? I agree 100% with the live release portion as well. The fish belong left in the water in the first place. I think a 100 % Catch and Release would be just fine for all of the spring fishing. And let the trout season start on time.

  2. With all due respect, It’s not all about the non-residents. The regulations as far as opening should not be determined because of non-residents being ablt to make plans on making it to New Brunswick.

  3. Hi Scott-
    Thanks for your comments , although I may not toatally agree with your opinion I still welocme your thoughts and encourage others to have their voice heard . My recent report on opening the season earlier is not driven “only” by the non-resident particpation but you have to agree that economics is what catches our politicians ear . If it were not for non-resident participation ( investment ) we New Brunswickers , including myself , would not spend enough money on the fishery to be even remotely worthy of our governments attention . I make every effort to welcome New Brunswickers to fish my pools and my neighbors enjoy my pools as much as I do , and in most cases my friends and neighbors fish my pools more than I do . Believe me I am not all about just the non-resident but I am running a business that my employees and local business’s appreciate the benefits from .
    Again, thanks for your participation in my little blog .

    Regards, Keith

  4. Charles Foster says

    Hi Scott,

    I agree with that and do not debate this at all. How many times over the last 10 years has the ice been out and it’s safe to fish on April 1st? I understand that an opener coincident with the ice out is ideal, but is that practical? If you live locally, of course that is. I proposed a date of April 7th and in some years that too might be too early. Has there ever been an official petition to DFO or DNR that would help promote an ice out opening day scenario? I totally agree with Keith that having fishermen on the river would be good for the local economy and for the protection of the river. I for one can’t stand the current anticipation! I can’t imagine being there with the current clear water and looking into the window!

    Best Regards, Charles

  5. I’d have to say politicians care more about votes. Economic promises are an easy way to gain positive publicity and has strong appeal to a wide demographic but… The bigger the lobby group and the more pressure the more likely you will get what you want. Nothing against hook and release of healthy fish but I believe the thought of angling catches having a major affect of fish populations is a flaw in the human psyche having short sightedness and believing that what we see is all that is. I would like to see as much opportunity to get fishing as possible because usually the better the fishing the more fun and and well a lot stems from there but it all starts with being able to get out when the getting is good. Sorry so long but one last thing as far as dfo’s budget. A dfo officers salary and resource consumption is quite extensive and as much as I appreciate the crucial role they play, and knowing the natives sell their salmon for about 4 dollars a pound, maybe we could exchange the salary of a few to just pay the natives equal value to live release uninjured fish above their nets or preserve the the ecosystems around the vast drainage. It would probably make a more positive difference to the health of the stock. Thank You for caring.

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