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Wilson’s Miramichi Report April 8th

Finally getting a little something to help get the river back to normal . It has been dry and cold since the ice moved out a couple of weeks ago so this heavy wet snow is a blessing . The weather forecast is for more rain over the next several days so we should be in good shape by April 15th .


  1. Brad Burns says

    Hallelujah! I’ve been watching the radar all day. We hardly got a drop here near Portland, Maine, though we need moisture too. Great picture of the river in the storm.

    I was packing up some flies for a trip on opening week, and I tossed in some of the stuff we would normally use in June: #2/#4 black ghosts and silver rats, even a couple of jumbo green machines. It will sure be great to feel a tight line again!

  2. It sure looks better than it did. There are boats in the water down here in the Blackville area and I am told they can’t get up either the Cains or Renous Rivers because of the low water. We need a raise of at least 2 feet and it looks good with this snow and the forecast of more rain to come.
    Tight lines !

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