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Wilson’s New Anglers Lounge


We are happy to report that construction of Wilson’s new bar/lounge is complete , just in time for opening day of the 2012 season on Sunday April 15th . Karl and I put the paintings up just last night and Bonnie cleaned the floor and stocked the bar , ready to go . Stay tuned for pictures of more new developments to the lodge .


  1. Dave Somers says

    Hi Keith,
    Is the lounge open to the public, or guests only? We have a camp up in Porter’s Cove, and might consider a visit if you are open and willing to take smelly, thirsty, fisherman.

    P.S. I’m heading up in the morning and trying to decide which boat to take, but based on your previous posts, I assume that canoes are in order. I have 20′ Miller that take a 6hp nicely. No problems for that at this water level, right?

  2. Lounge Looks awesome Keith! Nice work!

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