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Time of Autumn Reflection

We are now seeing stories on the great runs of 2011, and speculation on the reasons for them. Is it a combination of improved ecosystems and food at sea, the Greenland Agreement brokered by ASF and its partners, anglers practicing live release and/or a cool, very wet summer? Those are among the reasons suggested.

Check out a recent article describing the runs in New Brunswick and enquiring on reasons. Click here

Returns and Runs


Penobscot – The run continues to surprise, with more Atlantic salmon returning through the Veazie counting trap. As of Sept. 19, the total had reached 3,090.  It  certainly looks like we are headed for more than 3,100 soon.

New Brunswick

Upsalquitch – With 627 large salmon returned by Sep. 15, vs 274 in 2010 and a five year (2003 to 2007) average of 295, this has certainly been an amazing year on the river.  Depending on whether the run continues or not, it will either be the highest or second highest return since before 1996. Even grilse runs have seen positive growth this year, with 633 to Sep. 15, ahead of both last year’s 567, and the 2003 to 2007 average of 460.

Large Salmon Returns on the Upsalquitch – to Sep. 15

Nepisiquit – With 617 large salmon counted by Sep. 15, this is another record year, nearly double the 379 of 2010 and more than six times the 2003 to 2007 average of 90.

Like the Upsalquitch, the Nepisiquit has seen good grilse returns, with 515 counted to Sep. 15, vs. 491 last year and a mere 94 as the 2003 to 2007 average.

Saint John – There is new hope with this great river, with 612 large salmon returned by Sep 15.  This  compares very favourably with 313 returns last year and 437 for the five-year average to 2007. Grilse returns continued to lag in a major way, with 922 to Sep. 15, far below last year’s great run of 2,226 but roughly on par with the 2003 to 2007 average of 1091.

Large Salmon Returns to Mactaquac on the Saint John River

Nashwaak – With 227 large salmon by Sep. 15 this is more than double the 91 returns of  last year and three times the five-year average (2003 to 2007). The grilse return of 396 to Sep. 15 echoes the proportional drop on the Saint John when compared to the 735 in 2010, but still compares favourably with the 2003 to 2007 average of 256.

Magaguadavic – As of Sep. 19,  10 large salmon, 8 grilse, and, unfortunately, 13 escapee farmed salmon were monitored at the counting facility. Note there was a rainbow trout attempting to enter the river as well – an alien species of concern.

Nova Scotia

LaHave – With 72 large salmon returned by Sep. 15 compared with 47 last year, and 278 grilse compared with 256 last year, the numbers have moved in a positive direction, but are still below the 2003 to 2007 average of 107 and 278 respectively – and far below numbers seen a few decades ago.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The counting facilities have shut down, with the last numbers posted early in September, and according to most sources the vast majority of salmon in the rivers by that time.

Time of Autumn Reflection

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