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Troy Adams


Hello Keith, great to see this contest on your site again this season!! I was up on the Northwest on Wed. June 20th, and hooked this nice grilse with a small blue bomber. It had made a solid roll on a black bomber, but then went quiet, after a half dozen or more cast i decided to change to a smaller bomber, but all i had was a blue one instead of black. First cast about 5-6 feet above where i had a good roll, bam fish took that fly as soon as it hit the water!!

I was fishing alone so it was a bit hard to get a nice picture. I was able to tail the fish, removed the fly and snapped a few pictures before it took off full of energy again. The fish never came out of the water at any point, except when it was jumping and doing its dance after being hooked. That was the only fish i saw that morning, none were showing at all. I went back yesterday, this time some were showing, but none were taking.

Take care,


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