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Big Water Better Than No Water

In this photo it looks like the boys are getting the squeeze from rising water but still no complaints after the low water through June . Despite the rising water a nice 14 pound salmon was taken on a #4 green highlander and we are seeing more fish every day now . The next couple of days are going to be mostly boat fishing but this is the perfect water to set the stage for July .Ya-hoo!


  1. Scott Stone says:

    Hey Keith, so glad to see all that water. Should make for a great run. I hope to see these record setting returns continue. What a beautiful thing. Give my regards to the boys. It doesn’t look likely that I will make it up this season, all this hope and change has left me with very little change in my pockets. Doesn’t mean I don’t think about you guys up there. I think about salmon fishing far more than I should most likely. At any rate wishing you all the best. I’ll look forward to lots of pictures on your website. By the way the new cabin looks awesome. Congratulations.Wishing all of your sports tight lines.
    All the very best, Scott.

  2. Brad Burns says:

    Keith – two things:
    First, Byron Connors, the guide mentioned in your Sports Illustrated post on the 24th, is still alive, and living in Blackville. He had quite a succesful career in lumbering. A friend of mine in Blackville is related to him, and I gave her a copy of the article to give to Byron. He was quite pleased to have it, and remembers happily his days of guiding on the river.
    Second, we just got back from four tough days on the river. We saw warm, clear, low water turn into cool, dirty raising water, but with no attending run of fish! We do think, though, that it will set the table well for July. Statistically, the first major run of salmon on the SW Miramichi arrives during the first week in July.
    We drove out 113 on the way home and looked over the Cains. The water looked great, but I can’t allow myself to start thinking about the fall just yet….. Brad

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