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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 17th

The water came up last night about 1 inch . With this little rise and cooler air temps fishing turned on a bit this morning . Only one grilse landed but we saw fish in parts of the pools that indicate they were moving around a bit again . It looks like a decent amount of rain from now till later Wed and cooler temperatures so maybe this will kick things back in gear again .


  1. Bob Wallace says

    Here’s hoping Keith, things are really slow in the Hennessey Pools on the Howard Road, I watched the river last night for two hours and again this morning and never so much as one fish move, so hoping with this rise of water and cooler water temps, we might get some fish moving up, take care Keith and always, Thanks for keeping us informed, love your sight. Bob

  2. Kieth, I really enjoy your site, my brother and I spend as much time as possible on the river. On a recent 3 day adventure on the Dungarvon and Main South West we took time to enjoy the forks lookout on the Howard rd. Suprisingly with the heat and low water no one was fishing. On the way out we followed a rd. that came out just below the church, I couldnt believe what we found, someone had placed a two foot board with about 200 nails in it across the entrance to the road and partly buried it. I am some glad we parked and turned around in the church parking lot. From now on when I turn around I guess I’ll get out and check the road. I am very disappointed, this could have been a very costly site seeing walk for us. Fishers beware!!!!

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