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Wilson’s Miramichi Report July 21st

Please read the DFO Pool closure carefully . There is no room for error when dealing with DFO in this situation . Please note that Wilson’s pools are not part of this closure . We have a good height of water and the mornings are cool with cool water temps , but it is warming up by mid afternoon and of course that puts the fish down again . We have a good number of fish in two of our larger holding pools so your chances are still good for some action . Everybody knows we are strong proponents of live release and conservation minded angling anyway but we take it a step further in situations like this by limiting our rod pressure on the pools , using small barbless hooks and scaling down to light weight tippet . Our guides will be following a strict 3-5 minute play time then will be breaking off the fish , we do not want to bring the fish to the shore . Some anglers even cut the hook shank completely so there is no hook-up , only a rise and take and then the fish is gone again .

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