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Back in business …………Rain !

We are not getting a bunch of rain but plenty enough to cool the water down and get the fish stirred up a little . We will not likely see any fish coming out of the estuary just yet but for the pools that have fish holding this is just the condition to get them taking again. There is no word from DFO yet as to when the mid-day fishing ban will be lifted but I expect it will come soon . At present we can fish 5am – 10am , which is the best part of the day anyway .The weather forecast is for cool rainy weather through most of next week so it is time to get back on the water . We have openings at discounted prices so give us a call . toll free 1-877-365-7962


  1. Bad Fisher says

    Even though some rain has fallen, I think it is a bit early to declare the river to be in good fishing condition. All those who appreciate the river understand the importance of leaving it be during times like this. I think all the lodges deserve credit for being such good ambassadors of the river in times like this.

    With any luck at all we’ll get some much needed rain and cool weather, allowing everyone to get out and enjoy the river while giving the fish a break.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully mother nature will start to let up.


  2. Tyler Coughlan says

    Hi Keith Looking better over the past few days then it has in weeks water temp 68 F at 6 AM this morning in Gray Rapids not seeing any new fish but the holding fish should be more active now .Good news is friends in the Bay say lots of fish to come in with better conditions we should have a good fall good luck for the rest of the season.

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