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Cains River Canoe Run Circa 1960’s

Clarke O sent me this cool picture showing the Wilson crew unloading at the Bantalor Crossing on the headwaters of the Cains River . The boy’s would truck to McGivney Junction and board the train for a shuttle to the Cains . Most of these trips were three to four days long taking out at what is now the Rt 123 bridge . The first night would be at the Duffy Place just below Chestnut , second night at Wildcat and third night at O’Donnell’s or Leighton . One is not likely able to get the CN train to do this in today’s day and age .


  1. Thats a pretty cool picture Keith. Its to bad that can’t be done these days. One of the biggest mistakes this country ever made was to get rid of the majority of the train service in my opinion. One of the reasons I like to fish in Juniper is to see the train go by with all that freight on it.

  2. Brad Burns says

    Keith – that is a great picture. I suspect that these trips were for both salmon and trout? Do you know what time of year they were done? I know that many people are very interested in the May/June searun brooktrout fishery. I admit to not having much experience with it. What I have found, though, is that the brooktrout fishing in the fall is often very good while salmon fishing. At the end of the season last year we were catching some fish up to two pounds or more with good regularity, and enough 12 to 14-inch fish to almost be a nuisance some days. Brad

  3. Geoff Giffin says

    Great picture and story, Keith! What a trip that would have been in those days.

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